Cutting Edge Design

User-Centered Design

We walk in your shoes.

Our Multidisciplinary design teams are always in close contact with you to solve your problems.

We Are Expert In


We have a problem-solving approach, crystallized in the field of design. Our methods combine an user-centric perspective with logical and analytical research. We have a vision to follow iterative process for creating innovative solutions.


Our Design thinking team has one mission: Bring ideas to life by understanding how real users think, feel and behave.


We design beautiful Interfaces, unforgotable Experiences and mind-blowing Interactions for our clients. We even consider the Why, What and How of Product Use.


Our product design team has one mission: make digital products Usable and Understandable.


Our team aims to shape and improve the production of visual elements for printing considering the effects of size, illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts, and color.

Our print design team has one mission: Create visual elements for printing to support human visual perception.


Our creative  team can create inspiring Digital Art & Illustrations that will mesmerize you and stir your imagination. Our team discusses the concept, composition & creation of every new artwork across the designer floor at Ekbana & pour it in various forms of digital artworks.


Our Art & Illustration team has one mission: Evoke strong desire of user by inducing more depth and precision in digital art.

Our Works on Graphic Design