EKbana Annual Gala 2019

June 21, 2019 5m read

Another year has passed us by at EKbana, projects delivered, lessons learned and added good number of new team members. The Annual EKbana event is a gala that started in 2018 and is a great opportunity for the team to let loose and showcase talents beyond their daily work.

The event took place on the 7th of June, a Friday that saw us reaching the venue at 2 pm. The venue in question was the Maxim Banquet Hall in Lalitpur. Large enough to house our 130 team members and their spouses and other guests. Being June, the sun was high, the weather clear and the day beautiful, the heat, however, was on the high side.

The stage and banners were set up by the organizers early in the morning and with the stage prepped, the picture perfect hall was open for business. The event unofficially opened at 2.30 with a photo session where groups and individuals could have their picture taken with their friends and colleagues by a professional photographer.

At 3 pm the hosts got the event started with the cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the foundation of EKbana. With the team leads backing up our CEO the cake cutting ceremony was followed by a Speech by our CEO and spoke of the growth and potential of EKbana, thanking each and every team members and team leads who have seen EKbana rise from humble beginnings of 7 team members in one country to 140+ employees worldwide today. The organizers then showed us a wonderfully produced video showcasing the early beginnings of EKbana, to the offices that we’ve shifted and the team members we have gained.

The next couple of hours saw EKbanians Sing, Dance, and perform on the stage to the delight of the crowd. The alcohol was flowing and the mood was upbeat. With games and quizzes to pass the time between sets, the hall was abuzz with noise and jubilations and constant singing to the tune of the music. The author must note that along with the amount of talent we see on a daily basis while our developers and engineers provide solutions at the highest level to our clients, they can perform as well. Let us not name names, but truly, amazing talents shown by everyone involved.

With the passing hours, and alcohol stores coming to a finish (how much did we drink?) we saw members let loose, laughter rung out constantly, slurred words and barriers broken.

Friendships strengthened and colleagues transformed into friends, its events like these that showcase our culture of hard work ethics mixed with fun that really defines what EKbana is and what it is like to work in such an environment. The event drew to a close as dinner was served, the cake eaten, and alcohol stores completely drained.

Its the Monday after the event, as I sit here and write this I still see the smiles and laughs along with determined clicks on the keyboards. This is what our office culture brings to our work and workplace. Till the next event,


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