Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

A robust QA team with experience on a wide variety of tools to ensure the best quality in our Software.

We Are Expert In

QA Process

The Best QA Process for maximum effectiveness

We follow an elaborate QA process with detailed documentation of every aspect of the project. QA process is integrated in the project life cycle with Bug reporting and Test Case planning enforced in every project to guarantee the best quality software in a systematic manner.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing for unparalleled efficiency

We use software like Selenium Automation in conjunction with Jenkins integration tool to ensure well tested deployment every time. This is particularly best suited for large enterprise level applications with multiple modules.

API Testing

A highly efficient testing for a highly efficient system

API is integral part of any application today and assuring its accuracy and performance is highly prioritised. We provide this assurance with the use of POSTMAN to thoroughly perform tests on the API of every application.

Load/Performance Testing

Balance in all things for a stress free deployment.

Performance of an application is an atmost priority for us to provide our clients with the best experience. We use Apache Jmeter to benchmark our application as per the load requirement of our clients, we then tweak the performance and run the test again untill the performance is perfected.