Quality Assurance

We always verify necessary measures to ensure the final products align with safety, privacy & functionality requirements. Let’s create a safe digital space together!

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Grow your business with quality assurance services

Just like almost everything else, software & web applications also require timely maintenance for smooth operation. Quality assurance focuses on producing goods or services consistently to match customer expectations in terms of quality, safety, and performance.

Quality matters for every successful product

Enhance your brand’s digital presence with professional quality assurance service. Here’s how QA helps

Risk Management

Identify hazards and take necessary measures to avert them.

Maintain quality

Introduce steps to sustain the quality of your product over time.

Protect brand reputation

Avoid unwanted risks &stay secure with safeguarding measures.

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Stay safe with Innovative Quality Assurance approaches

We aim to seek solutions to match each client’s unique business goals. With professional quality assurance, we can ensure that the software performs optimally without bugs or errors & meets the user's expectations which ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction, improved user experience, and higher retention rates.

Define quality standards

Establish the quality criteria that the product or service should meet including industry standards, company standards, and customer expectations.

Test the app

Verify that the product or service meets the established quality standards by conducting a variety of tests, such as functional, performance, and compatibility testing.

Inspect the app

Examine the product or service to identify any defects or issues that may affect its quality through the use of automated tools, or through manual testing.

Monitor and improve quality

Continuously monitor the product or service via ongoing testing and inspection, as well as tracking customer feedback and issues to identify areas for improvement.

Check out the technologies we use to bring maximum value to your business

QA brings value to businesses by ensuring products, services, and systems meet customer expectations through various testing methods that identify and fix defects, bugs, and issues before customer delivery.

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QA Process

We follow an elaborate QA process with detailed documentation of every aspect & step of the project.

Automated Testing

We use software like Selenium Automation in conjunction with Jenkins integration tool to ensure well-tested deployment every time. This is particularly best suited for large enterprise-level applications with multiple modules.

API Testing

We provide this facility with the use of POSTMAN to thoroughly perform tests on the API of every application.

Load/Performance Testing

We use Apache Jmeter to benchmark our application as per the requirement of our clients, we then tweak the performance and run the test again until the desired output is achieved.

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Join our process-driven operation & make your project a success

At EKbana, we believe in getting things done & delivered through a well-tested system including both parties that ensures a seamless workflow. We strive to help innovators in achieving objectives with outstanding quality assurance.

Assessment of quality standards

Identify and define the standards and expectations for the product or service being tested.

Design of test cases

Create a plan for testing the product or service, including designing test cases accordingly.

Execution & documentation

Carry out the tests and document the results, including any identified defects or issues.

Defect & issue tracking

Identify and track any defects or issues that are found during the testing phase.

Quality metrics report

Analyze the results of the tests and report on key quality metrics of the project.

QA process improvement

Continuously review and improve the QA process to ensure that it is effective and efficient.

Improve product quality

Quality assurance plays a pivotal role in ensuring that a product meets high-quality standards and satisfies the needs of its users and can help guarantee the final product is of top-notch quality.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers are loyal to reliable products that function as expected, which ultimately leads to greater satisfaction. Quality assurance can help ensure that a product lives up to these expectations by verifying its reliability and functionality continually.

Enhance brand reputation

When a product is well-designed and dependable, it has the potential to boost the reputation of the brand, which subsequently generates higher demand for its products and services. QA creates a positive brand image and promotes customer loyalty by keeping the product consistent.

Save time and resources

QA can save time and resources by identifying and fixing issues early in the product development cycle, preventing costly fixes after the product's release. This way, integrating QA from the beginning can enhance the final product’s quality as well.

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