Product Management

BLOOM : Human resource facilitating system

This project is a human resource facilitating system that streamlines the hiring process, allowing companies to easily track and manage job applicants while maintaining their privacy.


Commonplace for both employers and job seekers

This system provides a pool where companies and job seekers can find each other. Its security is enhanced at every phase and it has gained the trust of numerous elite companies in Japan, such as Toyota, Honda, Mizuho Bank, Suntory, and many others, thanks to its ongoing development efforts.








Obstacles Tackled

  • Issues due to large data quantity in the live environment couldn’t be replicated in our test environments which caused an identification of the issue only after the live release.
  • In every phase, we have requests for advancement in the system like adding an operation panel with a customized email system, extended search function, UI improvements, and many others. These broaden the scope for testing which was not possible with the existing resources.
  • External security testing conducted every year at the client’s end raised several verifications of our existing system security.
  • Security-related questions from prospective client companies intending to subscribe to the Bloom service gave an alert on our security from point of the international market.


  • A new test (QA) environment was created with the same infrastructure and data volume as in the live environment which enabled us to debug live issues beforehand.
  • In coordination with the EKbana team, we did a resource plan and added QA members to the team, including automated regression testing for accuracy and system all testing after every new feature release.
  • For continued system security improvement, we provide security testing reports after every phase release. This has helped clients to acknowledge where and what they need to improve. Critical and high-end warnings are requested to fix in the following development phases.
  • Revision on maintaining and updating our already activated cyber security and office security in Nepal.

QA Roles

  • Discussion on requirements and preparing a timeline for the project phase.
  • Prepare test scenarios and test cases for each project phase.
  • Preparing deployment logs for each requirement for different environments.
  • Executing test runs weekly after each deployment.
  • Perform system regression on both webs on different browsers and mobile web before the final UAT deployment.
  • Prepare test cases for automation tests and perform automation tests for each project phase.
  • Prepare release notes and closing documents for each project phase.
  • Prepare documentation for any new or updated API.
  • Update System SRS and Manual.

Applied Technology

Platform support Web based application.
Programming language Node.js (v14.16.0), VueJs(2.6.14)
IDE Visual studio code and WebStorm
Software Architecture MVC (Model View Controller)
Library and SDK express(4.17.1), mongoose(5.13.8)
Database Mongodb 5.0

Team Members


Backend Developer






Project Lead



Quality Assurance



Project Documents Handed

Test Cases Execution report

Closing Document

Incident Report

Release note

DEV Documentation

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