The Hike to Chitlang

August 21, 2017 4m read

By the May of 2017, EKbana had grown to a team of more than 70 people. New team members meant it was time for another bonding experience, this time its was a hike to Chitlang.

On the morning of the 3rd of June, we set off with almost 60 of us in two buses towards Chandragiri hills. An hour later we got off the bus and started our hike toward Chitlang. After a steep uphill climb up dusty trails, we trudged along admiring the views of the Kathmandu Valley below us and the red cable cars that took others to the top of the Chandragiri hills. Up we went, chatting away with our colleagues and friends till we stopped for some lunch at the designated pit stop. Continuing after our wonderful meal, we headed towards Chitlang village.

An hour or so later we made our way to the beautiful village of Chitlang. Sparse houses dotted the landscape, a landscape that looked like a garden out of a dream. The greenery overwhelmed us, we were true with nature. Admiring the serene beauty of such a location some just sat and stared. The bright green grasses to the ever-green trees and the grand green hills beyond.

Walking through the village led towards our hotel, the Chitlang organic village resort. A wonderful area lined with tents and Asian Pear trees (Naspati). We found ourselves in groups sharing tents and freshened up for the next step, sightseeing. Walking among the beautiful Pear trees it felt like we had reached a land of magical fantasy. Something you only read about in books. Some of the groups went further on to explore the villages beyond while some of them wanted their rest for other activities, like dancing.

As the night settled in and we settled in for dinner, we saw our campfire going up. There was going to be a party like no other, in the middle of nowhere. So, we danced and munched on some bbq and danced again, well into the night. As we collapsed that night into our bedding with a smile on our faces despite the ache in our feet.

The next morning, we had our breakfast and started our trip toward Markhu for some river boating. After half an hour of boating through the river which meandered through the countryside, we settled down for some lunch. A brief break and yes again it was time to head back to our city life. Though it felt like a short trip, the memory we formed with our friends and colleagues was a lasting one. Laughing and chatting away during the bus ride back towards home, we were thoroughly happy and excited for the next step in our EKbana life.

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